Vaggeryd public library (Sweden)

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Vaggeryd municipality is located on a countryside, with a population of 14 000 people. As one might notice, by the population number, the municipality is of the smaller sort. The largest town in the region is Vaggeryd with 5300 residents. The municipality is known for the industries and a well-used motto of Vaggeryd, which is “where the wheels are spinning”.
Vaggeryd public library has 4 employees and a library manager, as well as project and fill-in employees. The municipality has 4 libraries, which are open 76 hours per week. Vaggeryd public library is located in the local high school. In this public library a Makerspace is located as well. The Makerspace organisation has a great influence on the visitors and is a part of the library organisation.

Vaggeryds Kommun

 Cultural Heritage in Sweden 

In the Swedish library plans or in the law, there are no mentions of the library as an organisation which gather cultural heritage, or as an organisation which works with cultural heritage in general. Despite this fact, the libraries in Sweden try to be a part of cultural heritage in the country, because they want to see a growth of cultural heritage in Sweden. They want to see all generations come together for learning their individual past as citizens, as well as the past of the community. Therefore the library organisation cooperate with organisations in the community which desire to gather, preserve and spread cultural heritage to Swedish citizens.
Vaggeryd public library has participated in a local cultural heritage project. The project is called Trollstigar och häxvrål, which roughly translated means Troll paths and witches roar. This project was about collecting Swedish folklore and later presenting the information which was found.
Another project which explores cultural heritage is Virtuellt världsarv. In a local museum in Gothenburg a room has been made to present virtual storytelling through virtual reality. Through virtual reality one may visit different locations from the past. In this made up environment one may move around freely, may also move objects of different sorts. The goal of the project is to widen the accessibility of the world’s cultural heritage, and to explore parts of the history of the world which one may not be acquainted with.

National websites

The best-known website in Sweden, which gathers and presents cultural heritage online, is Swedish national heritage board (Riksantikvarieämbetet). This organisation is led by the government and is responsible for directing and advising in order to guarantee that all the governmental requirements are fulfilled. This website wishes to ensure that cultural heritage is preserved in the community. In the website one may use the search function to find what one is interested in, including content of a requested term, pictures of a chosen theme, as well as documents:

Some of the content of Swedish national heritage board has been moved to a website called Minnen; Nordiska museet. Vaggeryds cultural heritage association use this website instead of running their own. That is due to the fact that organizing a website is demanding on many different levels, such as staff and economy. Through Minnen one gets the access to history from all over Sweden. Minnen is the Swedish word for memory. The website has a lot of similar content and use as Swedish national heritage board. Minnen is a website which is adaptable for beginners and allows individuals to present their history and memories for official use: