Herning Public Library (Denmark)

Herning Bibliotekerne - tid til dig

Official website: https://www.herningbib.dk/

Herning Libraries is the name of a public library system consisting of 6 libraries and 14 local archives in the municipality of Herning. Herning Libraries serve both, as a local and as a regional libraries in the central region of Jutland, Denmark. As a local library system, Herning Libraries serve a population of approximately 90.000 inhabitants. Libraries’ vision is to be a vivid culture and community center and strive towards taking an active and relevant as a part of the development of the local society.
Herning Public Library offers traditional library services such as access to library funds, databases etc. but also new library services such as events, learning sessions, book and music clubs. Library places a strong emphasis on digital services: e-books, online inspiration, streaming of events on social media. The library has a strength in working with learning activities and events, especially reaching out to schools.

Cultural heritage in Denmark

In Denmark there are many large and small archives and museums. The largest archive is the Danish National Archive Rigsarkivet, and, in addition to that, there are numerous virtual local archives and virtual town archives from all the country’s major towns and cities. This also applies to museums.

National websites

Here is a selection of the most used websites in Denmark:
www.sa.dk: Online archives. Digitized censuses, land register information, church books and much more.
www.arkiv.dk: Registrations from a large part of Denmark’s local archives.
www.kb.dk: Denmark from the air. Collections of aerial photos of cities and properties in Denmark. The Royal Library.
www.skolehistorie.au.dk: Trøst-Hansen’s Parish Cards. A photographic presentation of parishes throughout the country featuring the local churches, pastors, clergy, teachers, and schools.
www.slaegtogdata.dk: Danish Genealogists’ website.
www.aarhusarkivet.dk: Sejrs Sedler is a large names’ archive based on the Århus Stiftstidende in 200 years.
www.afdøde.dk: Obituaries from Denmark.
www.findengrav.dk: A free online genealogy reference book where you can find your ancestors’ tombstones.
www.dk-gravsten.dk: Denmark’s cemeteries, where all the tombstones have been photographed and names are searchable online.
www.krabsen.dk: A database containing 59880 Danish names of places and their association with parish, municipality and county.
www.kbharkiv.dk: Here you can search for persons in the Police Register sheets and the Copenhagen funeral records, as well as other sources from the Copenhagen City Archives.
www.historiskatlas.dk: Explore historical maps and your local cultural heritage.
www.gst.dk: The Land Register/Cadastral Archives. The Danish cadastre is the basis for all land registration in Denmark. Consisting of a country-wide cadastral map, an official register and a cadastral archive, this resource plays a central role in the public management and administration of land ownership.