First Mayors of Ljubljana: Tina Tomlje and Nuša Kerševan (Slovenia)

Tina Tomlje and Ana Nuša Kerševan each held two terms of office, as the term lasted for two years. Tina Tomlje served the office from 1982 to 1986 and Nuša Kerševan from 1986 to 1990.

The capital was run during difficult economic conditions in Yugoslavia. However, Tina Tomlje and Nuša Kerševan ensured that many important projects were realized with the help of the Ljubljana citizens: for example, the Ljubljana Maternity Hospital was built and the Path of Remembrance and Society was maintained, which is still under the care of the Green Ring Society, in which former mayor Ana Nuša Kerševan still operates.

Timeline of events in Ljubljana:

1982: Plans were made to establish the International Center of Graphics in Tivoli. It was finally established on December 25, 1986. In 1982, 2633 apartments were built in Ljubljana.

1983: The Health Center on Metelkova Street and the new residential neighborhood with two hundred and fifty apartments and the planned kindergarten along Dunajska Street between Triglavska and Masera Spasiceva Street were opened. In the same year, 286 students moved into the Rožna Dolina student settlement. Forty studios have been built on the corner of Kebet and Gorazd streets in Sisak in the new block of apartments. The construction of the Development and Technology center in Moste was started. This center, the first of its kind in Slovenia, housed engineering, metalworking facilities and a central laboratory for the research of building materials.

1984: Suitable facility was found for the Puppet Theater in Ljubljana. It was installed in the City Hall in Krek Square. At the end of the year, it welcomed the first new visitors. In April 1984, the first phase of the Ljubljana railway station began.

1985: On May 11, the Path of Remembrance and Comradeship was formally completed and opened. A new 34-kilometer route was built and also they began to renovate Slovenska Cesta, which was completely worn out. They removed the granite blocks and consolidated the track and paved it.

1986: The Gradis Construction Company for Ljubljana Cardboard Factory built a new plant for printed packaging.

1987: The construction of a blockhouse with 973 apartments, outlets, shops, a nursery and a B-category hotel between Vilhar Street and Linhart Road took place. That year they also started construction of apartments in the municipalities of Moste-Polje, Center, Šiška and Vič-Rudnik. The office building on the then Kraigher platform in front of Metalka was added.

1988: Zaloška Street, Road VI in Rožna dolina, Sneberska Street, Pokopališka Street from Kavčičeva to Žal, Poljanski nasip, Povšetovo to Grablovičeva Street, Jamova Street, Vodnikova and Slovenska Road were started in Ljubljana.

The pictures provided in this article are from the year 1986.

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