Theater activity in the Mežiška Dolina (Slovenia)

The roots of the theater activity in the Mežiška Dolina must certainly be found in the folk play, which was one of the most authentic and eloquent source of inspiration for the cultural life of the inhabitants of the Mežiška Dolina at the end of the previous and the beginning of this century. Due to the lack of archival resources, it is difficult to pinpoint the first theatrical beginnings, but we can only conclude that in the Mežiška Dolina folk scenery came to life at the end of the 19th century. The domestic theater activities were very successful.

During the First World War, the theater’s activities have been stopped and came to life again in 1919, when cooperating with communities which, given the socio-political situation at that time, were mainly political in character, or working with the education of workers. The theater was active until 1941.

The pictures provided below are from the period between the year 1911 and 1935.

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