Soldattorpet Lillemo- Soldattorp (Sweden)

The soldier farm is a preserved farmhouse from the time when houses were built for soldiers
in duty. The soldiers were to live ready to enlist if needed. A house was given to the soldiers
and their family to maintain.
The house tell a story of how a soldier’s home, family and life could have looked like in that
period. Through the preserved farm we can establish how the families lived. Carl Blad (1845-
1900) and his wife Christina (1845- 1903) along with their eleven children was the last family
who lived on the soldier farm. What we do know about the family is that they were faithfully
Christians who lived a satisfying life.
The house was built around the middle of the 1800 century. Now one may visit the house in
the military museum in Skillingaryd, where a home environment has been presented with
furniture, manikins and more. It has been made to take the visitor back to the 1800 century.
(Author Sven Engkvist, Östbo Historiska Sälskap, 2012)