The land of Dzūkija and its songs are deeply rooted in my heart… (Lithuania)

The literate Aldona Sabonytė-Kazlauskienė was born in 1935-12-02 in the village of Švobiškės, parish of Alovė, Alytus district, in the family of farmers.

In 1955 she finished the secondary school of Alovė. The same year she entered the pedagogical institute of Vilnius, the faculty of Lithuanian language and literature. After five years of studies she began working at Rusnė boarding school for mute and deaf students. Since 1966 the school was called an auxiliary boarding school of Rusnė. For five years she was deputy headmaster on matters of educational work. Together with the headmaster (also a graduate of the 2nd year of Alovė secondary school) Rapolas Rimašauskas Aldona wrote the “Textbook of Lithuanian language” for the 8th graders in 1978 (for special needs schools).

She was awarded “Nobleman of Education” badge, honors letters and the medal of work veteran.

She was also an active member of the community, sang in the ensembles of deportees and women of Rusnė. When she came back to live in Dzūkija she sang in the Daugai women’s ensemble “Wave of Suvingis”.

She is a member of the literate club of Alytus district “Tėkmė” and a member of the Union of Independent Writers of Lithuania, with 12 books of poetry to her name. Melodies have been made to compliment her texts and they have been sung as songs.

Presently resides in Daugai, Alytus region.

Aldona Sabonytė-Kazlauskienė has presented a couple of her poetry books to the inhabitants of Alovė in the library of Alovė. She has participated in poetry festivals and read her works publicly.

Benjaminas Kondratas writes about the literate Aldona Sabonytė-Kazlauskienė in his book “In the footsteps of creators in the region of Alytus”.

Books written by the literate, letters, manuscripts and articles about her and her works are being kept in the public library of Alytus regional municipality.